Follow Along as I Chronicle the Great "North to Alaska Hovercraft Adventure."

The trip was blogged semi real-time and it had quite a daily following. Not bad for 1998 computer and internet technology in the wilds of Alaska and Canada's British Columbia!

Ever since I turned the engines on a Trident Submarine in the Pacific Northwest in the early 1990s, I had a dream of piloting a hovercraft up the scenic Northwest Passage from Seattle, Washington, to Juneau, Alaska. Well, thanks to SEVTEC and Amphibious Marine Inc., I finally got a chance to fulfill that dream! We went all the way to Juneau, Alaska from Anacortes, Washington on our own...unsupported by any chase vehicle or advance supply drops. We made various side-trips that weren't a part of any commercial cruise ship or ferry route. We were awestruck at the wonderous sights the adventure served up as we made our way along the Alaska Marine Highway. Here are the pictures, video (soon), and blog of that incredible voyage of the first-ever hovercraft flight along the length of the Alaska Marine Highway! Total trip distance in ground effect was 1429 miles!!

Click the DAY for a narrative of the daily log, and click the picture thumbnails for larger versions with descriptions that will open in this frame. The thumbnails appear in chronological order.

Another narrative of the trip on the Anacortes to Ketchikan leg can be seen on Barry Palmer's North to Alaska page.


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